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Can I pay via banks since I stay outside the country?

Yes, the accounts office will send you our banking details upon request

Does Hillview offer health insurance policies for students?

For the meantime, we don’t offer any insurance scheme for students.

What is the minimum age for my ward to be accepted in the school?

It is recommended that students enroll at Hillview at two (2) years.

Does the school bus pick and drop students to and from school?

No, parents must arrange for transportation for their wards.

Can my ward be exempted from Physical Education and other games?

Hillview believes Physical Education and games to be an integral part of the education program. As such students may only be excused from Physical Education and games only with a doctor’s note.

What are class sizes like?

Maximum class size shall not exceed 35 students per class.

How do i apply for my kid?

Please click on Apply button on the Main menu or send us a message on the contact page or form.

Are there provisions made for late pickups?

Children become upset when parents are late in picking them up. Additionally, when you are late the school faces the challenge of keeping teachers in school unduly after work. Therefore, we implore you to do all you can to pick up your child between the time of closing (3:00pm) for Pre-school and Primary, and (4.:00pm) for JHS, and one hour afterwards (4:00pm and 5:00pm) respectively.


Parents are key witnesses to the good work we’re doing at the School. Here are their wonderful comments.

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    Jennifer Hudson

    Hillview Montessori deals impartially and fairly with all students regardless of differences in background or nationality. it is a very good place to develop our children.

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    Godfred Frankson

    Hillview school is very welcoming to male parents. The reception is good and i don't have much worries anytime i send my kids to the school. it is so amazing.

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    Adwoa Addison

    i have never regretted getting my kids enrolled in the school. Communication with parents is encouraged, there is confidentiality about my wards activities and performance.

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    Selina Pappoe

    Hillview Montessori is an incredible school. The teachers are friendly and they take very good care of the children. i have all my kids admitted in the school.

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    Johnson Quaye

    Parents are involved in school activities to help create a positive climate for learning, to support the faculty, administration and staff by following school-wide regulations.