• Provide sound holistic education for academic excellence in a guided and secure moral environment.
  • Create a happy, safe and dynamic learning environment.
  • Promote critical thinking and equip learners with appropriate life skills.
  • Create a pleasant, secure and good centered environment.
  • Promote conducive climate to teaching and learning.
  • Build a dynamic, vibrant and contented staff team.
  • Encourage maximum parental involvement in a child centered education.


  • To be the most preferred Montessori educational institution in the country offering the best platform that encourages each individual child’s unique personality development and where hearts are filled with love and care for one another.
  • To be a leading school in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region providing competitive and holistic education with distinction, while instilling ethical values and moral standards in our pupils and students.

Educational Model – The Montessori Philosophy

The philosophy of the Montessori Method of education, which the institution has adopted, is that a child learns best in a n environment that makes him/her happy.

Happy because the child is an active part of his learning environment which is full of stimulation of the brain through tactile activities and a lot of love.

Here, learning starts very early using Montessori methods and procedure that touch on the child’s senses which we call physical learning. Later on, they proceed to more abstract thinking and conceptual learning. The method is quite different from the traditional way of teaching children known all over.

The originator of the philosophy, Maria Montessori was born in 1870 in Italy. She was the first Italian lady doctor and one of the great pioneers in studying the intellectual development of the young child. Modern brain researchers have confirmed her scientific observation and findings which she discovered over 100 years ago.

Her method of teaching children inspired a movement that carried the Montessori philosophy into every corner of the world including India, Sri Lanka, Holland, The United Kingdom and the United States.  Her ideas and talks were written down which has become the core curriculum of Montessori training. Over the years, the ideas have been reviewed and expanded to meet modern challenges in child training.

Dr. Maria Montessori died in Holland in 1952. Her method of teaching lives on, growing stronger and stronger everyday. The philosophy has withstood the test of time and research because it works. Our decision to go the Montessori way is therefore, well informed.