Parents are key witnesses to the good work we’re doing at the School. Here are their wonderful comments.

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    Jennifer Hudson

    Hillview Montessori deals impartially and fairly with all students regardless of differences in background or nationality. it is a very good place to develop our children.

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    Godfred Frankson

    Hillview school is very welcoming to male parents. The reception is good and i don't have much worries anytime i send my kids to the school. it is so amazing.

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    Adwoa Addison

    i have never regretted getting my kids enrolled in the school. Communication with parents is encouraged, there is confidentiality about my wards activities and performance.

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    Selina Pappoe

    Hillview Montessori is an incredible school. The teachers are friendly and they take very good care of the children. i have all my kids admitted in the school.

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    Johnson Quaye

    Parents are involved in school activities to help create a positive climate for learning, to support the faculty, administration and staff by following school-wide regulations.