Hillview Montessori School subscribes to equal opportunity admission policy which makes it possible for pupils of all ethnic, religious, racial and socio-economic background to enroll at the school. Admission forms are available on request at a fee. All new children except under three years are made to write a standard academic test in Mathematics, English and Science. The objective is to allow the school and the parent to know the level and also the strengths and weaknesses of the child so as to offer remedial assistance, where necessary. Admission is very competitive and parents wishing to enroll their children are advised to complete an application form and take the admission examination well in advance.

The preferred age for admission is (2) two years. However, pupils of any age transferring from other local and international schools with proven academic credentials including cumulative records, transfer certificates and good testimonial are admitted after passing Hilltop admission examination.

A child is admitted based on the outcome of the test.

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Fees Policy

Like every other business, Hillview Montessori thrives on a budget. Payment of school fees on time enables us to make purchases and pay salaries of workers. These are absolute requirements which enable us to run smoothly, meet your expectations and support your child. Payment of school fees is done throughout our vacations and on the day of re-opening.

If payments are not done within a reasonable time or you are consistently late with your payment, we may find it necessary to take action, which includes termination of admission.

Registration Fee

A registration fee is due upon enrolment. It covers administration cost associated with enrolment. Registration fees are not refundable. If your child drops out and then re-enrolls after one academic year, the registration fee will be charged again.

Special Discounts

Hillview Montessori offers a one-off discount on registration for new parents who are enrolling more than two children for first time./ more than two children.

Payment OptionsĀ 

We prefer all school fees to be paid with a Bankers Draft. However, for your convenience, we accept cheques. In the event that your cheque is returned to us for insufficient funds on two occasions, we will consider an action to collect our money from you. Our bankers are also on the school premises during the first month of re-opening to receive fees on our behalf.

Uniform & Books

School uniforms and all the relevant books will be provided by the school.

Dress code

Pupils must wear the prescribed uniform to school and at all school-organized functions. The colours approved for the school uniform are provided by the School. The Physical Education outfit is a Lacoste shirt and Shorts (Boys)/cotton skirt (Girls). They come in the four primary colours. All uniforms are sewn by the school. Parents are not permitted to sew the school uniform.

Foot Wear

  • Black or brown shoes or neat leather sandals with white socks
  • Sneakers/canvas shoes are also allowed on Friday because of games


  • All boys must wear their hair short and neatly combed.
  • All girls must wear their hair short and neatly combed or braid their hair in corn rolls. No attachments are allowed.

NB: All permed and fancy haircuts are not permitted. Colourful nail varnish, lipstick, facial make-ups and all forms of cosmetics are not allowed. Parents who refuse to comply with the dress code will have their wards suspended from the school.

P.E. Uniform

The Friday wear with gym shoes are to be worn for P.E and on Sports Day. New students should obtain uniforms as soon as they are assigned to a House.

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